Daily Tarot August 5: Peace, Stillness, and When to Reclaim Your Power

On Friday, August 5, 2022, I streamed live on YouTube and then on Facebook. Our messages on YouTube and Facebook bore some synchronicity, especially when the messages on the later Facebook stream came through. I used the following oracle decks.

  • Oracle of the Roses
  • Flower Oracle
  • Goddess Power Oracle
  • Oracle of the Fairies
  • Celtic Tree Oracle
  • Witches’ Kitchen

I don’t ask any specific questions when I pull the oracle cards. Instead, I simply ask what Spirit wants us to know and go from there. Our messages came through as The Knight, Heather, Yuki-Onna, Tree Wisdom, Phagos Beech, and Cinnamon. Spirit spoke about the importance of having peace in the home with the Oracle of the Roses Knight card. There are times in life when you need to battle, but it is important to know what you are fighting for and when it is best to lay down the weapons and live in peace. The home should be a refuge of peace and safety. Leave the fighting outside.

The Flowers Oracle works in conjunction with Dr. Bach’s flower remedies. Our message came through Heather and also spoke about peace and stillness. ‘This flower will make you appreciate peace and stillness,’ the guidebook stated.

Spirit continued to speak about Stillness with the Japanese Goddess Yuki-Onna. The card is number 52 and the messages began as thus, “The Japanese Goddess of Winter Yuki-Onna calls you to a practice of daily meditation and stillness.’

Our next card was Tree Wisdom from the Oracle of the Fairies deck. It was the perfect segue to the Celtic Tree oracle message: Phagos Beech and urged us to open our energy to invite the wisdom, ancient knowledge, and healing from trees not only in our lives but on our current situations.

The Phagos Beech card is very powerful and has a strong connection to our ancestors (ancestral magick), the written word, our genealogies, and history. You may even be called to learning something new.

Our Witches’ Kitchen message was Cinnamon and the meaning was to reignite lost passions.

You may see the oracle card reading cards I drew below.

Here is the tarot card reading for the live YT stream: Two of Wands, Nine of Pentacles, Seven of Wands, Three of Swords, and Temperance.

You may see the live stream video in the player below.

Next was our Facebook tarot reading. I drew the following oracle cards:: The Gardener, White Chestnut, Arianrhood, Lost & Found, Straif Blackthorn, and Seaweed. The Gardener card asked us to look at what we’re planting in our lives and to be patient as our harvest comes in. The White Chestnut reminds us to dispel negativity and find a peaceful rhythm in our life. Arianrhood speaks about trusting that all things will happen in the right time. This coincides with our message from the Oracle of the Roses: The Gardener.

The Lost and Found Fairy showed up to remind us that what was lost will be found. We can call on this fairy to return to us the things we have lost. They will be returned to us in the right time. The Straif Blackthorn teaches us that we need protection and to ensure that we have established proper boundaries. Our Witches’ Kitchen card was seaweed and asked us to connect with our inner sea witch. Knot magick is a good way to connect with the forces of nature.

Next was our free, five-card tarot reading. The cards are Situation, Challenges, Solution, Advice, and Outcome. The cards are the Four of Cups, the Hierophant, the Knight of Pentacles, Eight of Coins, and The Moon. I drew two additional cards: Ace of Pentacles and The Chariot. You may see the picture below.

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