Daily Tarot Reading: August 2, Beech, Gorse and Innocence

Today’s daily tarot reading on the official Fractal Flowers Facebook page saw some wonderful messages from Spirit come through. I drew from the Oracle of the Roses, Flowers Oracle, Celtic Tree Oracle, Goddess Power, Oracle of the Fairies, and the Witches Kitchen.

The Oracle of the Roses card was The Child. Spirit reminded us it is important to trust others and keep an open spirit of love, compassion, and innocence in our lives. This is especially true when we feel that others have treated us unfairly or have committed wrong acts against us.

The message

The next oracle card deck I drew from was the Flower Oracle. The card was Beech, and the message was as follows.

“Allow yourself to be imperfect: it will put you at peace with the world. This is the message of the flower that urges you to choose tolerance and compassion. Your acumen is undoubtedly important, your critical spirit is a wonderful gift, but improve your qualities with mental openness and compassion for other human beings.”

We then studied the history of beech and learned how important the tree is to humanity, especially when it comes to writing.

The Celtic Tree Oracle deck was next, and the card was Gorse. The message was about gathering the things that we need to achieve our goals, dreams, and visions, but also about sweetness. Spirit’s message was strong about our attitudes and ensuring that we remain loving and gentle despite what is going on around us.

Our message from the Goddess Power oracle deck was Maya, the Goddess of Illusion. The message was very similar to that of Gorse in respect to seeing through illusions while remaining focused on your plans, dreams, goals, and visions. Only by remaining focused and clear, will you see your way on your path in full illumination.

Next, it was time for the Oracle of the Fairies and we had a lovely message from the Healing fairy. The healing fairy comes when people either need healing or if they have a gift to heal others. We spoke about the different ways that healing takes place.

Our last oracle card came from the Witches’ Kitchen, and it was Black Pepper. Black Pepper is all about banishment and getting rid of toxic energy (and even toxic, negative people) who are draining you.

Finally, it was time for our five-card tarot reading with the Flower Fairies. It was Situation, Challenge, Solution, Advice, and Outcome.

Flower Fairy Tarot Cards

Click the video player below to watch the replay.

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