Daily Tarot Reading: August 3, 2022: Synchronicity Abounds, 23, 12, Turmeric, Sun, and Moon Energy

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful day on August 3, 2022. I began with two live streams. I am now separating my YouTube live streams from Facebook and no longer simulcasting the streams. I started the day with a YouTube live stream. You may see that on the site and in the video player below. There were many synchronicities in both readings including the numbers 12 and 23, sun and moon energy, turmeric and mustard, and the tarot readings began and ended with the same cards drawn as well as having the same messages from Spirit!!!

(Fractal Flowers Daily Tarot For August 3, 2022: YouTube)

Fractal Flowers Daily Tarot August 3, 2022: YouTube

If you would like to see a brief recap of the YouTube stream, you may see it on the official YouTube page in the community section. If you’re following me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fractalflowers you may have noticed some posts coming through about the YT tarot reading. Well, let me tell you. I was NOT PREPARED for what Spirit had in store! By the end of the day, there were so many synchronicities, I simply couldn’t believe it.

Here are two photos of the August 3, 2022, daily tarot reading. Again, you may watch the reading as it occurred live on YouTube in the video player above..

I pull from six oracle card decks (so far; I have my eye on a few more that I would like to add to the daily tarot reading streams) and these include the Oracle of the Roses, the Flowers Oracle, the Goddess Power Oracle, the Oracle of the Fairies, the Celtic Tree Oracle, and the Witches’ Kitchen. I then do a free, five-card tarot reading for the collective based on the following format: Situation, Challenges, Solution, Advice, and Outcome.

Here are both the Oracle and Tarot readings from the YouTube live stream (again, you may watch that video above). If you look at the image below, you may notice something I didn’t see until sharing the image on my official Fractal Flowers Instagram page: Both Mustard and Turmeric were drawn. Both messages speak about hope and are associated with the bright, yellow color of the sun i.e… happiness, healing, health, overall things getting better, illumination, clarity, knowledge, wisdom, etc.

Following the oracle card session of the daily reading, I pulled our five tarot cards for our reading. Here is a picture of our tarot spread.

YOUTUBE Fractal Flowers Daily Tarot Reading August 3, 2022

Our Situation card is the Knight of Pentacles. Challenges is the King of Swords and Solution is The Sun. I am not surprised that our solution card is the sun after all the yellow that came through with mustard and turmeric (just watch the video and you will see what I mean!)

Our Advice card is the Four of Cups (going within for healing) and our outcome is the Eight of Pentacles. This represents the hard work that must be done in order to heal from our past and achieve all that God has planned, purposed, and destined for us in our lives.

Now…. let’s fast-forward a few hours and see what happened during the Facebook Daily Tarot live stream for August 3, 2022, shall we?

Here is a picture of the oracle cards drawn for the Facebook live stream.

Notice the numerology coming through in our Facebook Daily Tarot stream for August 3, 2022.

I did not realize until later that both the numbers 12 and 23 came through twice each during the reading. As to the spiritual significance for these numbers showing twice…well, I don’t know, lol. Hopefully Spirit will give me some illumination on the matter. When “Moon Energy” showed up from our Fairies deck, I wondered if the Moon card might show up in our tarot reading. It did. Now wait until you see what else showed up during our Facebook tarot stream!

The syncrhonicity between both tarot readings was astonishing!

Not only were the Knight of Pentacles and Eight of Pentacles in the exact same place, the two major arcana cards that showed up were counterparts: The Sun and The Moon, and where I drew the four of cups in the first reading, I drew the nine of cups in the second. I also drew the King of Swords in the first reading and the Queen of Swords in the second. Even though there was a slight change in positions (such as the Sun was the solution in the YT reading and the Moon was the challenge in the second) the meanings of the readings were the same.

Are there more synchronicities at work that I haven’t noticed? It is possible. I do not know the meanings of all the flowers listed on the cards so there may be further synchronicities there as well.

These types of synchronicities are not uncommon during my live streams…instead, they are quite normal and a sign to me that Spirit is working and communicating.

I love you Spirit and thank you for clear understanding, clear communication, and clear messages that uplift, serve, bring healing, love, joy, and compassion for the highest good of all.

You may watch the Facebook live stream for the August 3, 2022, daily tarot reading in the video player below.

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